About Us

Production Management

Our technical advisor can provide assistance in the barn at every stage of growth from starting newly weaned piglets to harvest. Our team focuses on advising clients on efficient and profitable production.


Feed, it’s the number one cost in pig production today and thus requires special attention and focus. We provide economic-driven, and performance based diet formulations that fit both your operation and your bottom line.

Production Information & Analysis

Managing a barn takes time, and too often production records get pushed to the end of the to-do list. Let us provide the records and reports so you can make the decisions and manage. We supply timely and accurate information that is simple to understand so you can review and make the decisions necessary to improve your bottom line.

Space Management

Pipestone Grow Finish offers expertise and assistance with your space management needs. Whether building or renovating, we are here for consultation on financing, building, design, and networking assistance.

Million pigs serviced


World-class research barns


I like that PGF Nutrition stays up to date on feed ingredients prices and formulates rations accordingly, so I don’t have to worry about that.…

Mike Prestige Pork

Since working with PGF, they have helped us refine our early diets to reduce the early effects of E.coli and fine tune our total diet…

Joe County Line Livestock